My First Cruise… (Aug 12, 2000)

Aug 12, 2000

I took my first Disney Cruise August 12, 2000.  It was the inaugural 7 night Caribbean Cruise on the Magic.  This was the last summer trip for my brother and me with our Dad before heading back to school, and it was all of our first cruise.  Unfortunately, I don’t have too many pictures from that trip; see kids back then cameras were not integrated into our phones and we (or our parents) had to lug around giant bricks that took limited quality photos.


Gotta love first gen. digital camera’s!


I guess back then we had to take our life jackets to the muster drill, glad they changed that policy!

DSCN0078 (1).JPG

The Sail-Away Party is a fun event and a good way to start the your CruiseOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We had an Inside Stateroom, the one thing that I remember is how dark the room is.  It’s easy to sleep the day away.


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