How did I get suckered into this?

Like most thing in life I get stuck doing it’s because of my wife.

About Me:

My name is Brandon, and I am a Husband, Father Techie and Gamer.

My Wife is the reason I do most things in life (including this blog)and she forces me out of my comfort zone.  She swears it’s for my own good but I think its for her humor.  I couldn’t have asked for two better son’s, (we’ll maybe Payton and Eli Manning but if not them then mine). I enjoy spending time with them, watching them learn and grow, and destroying them in video games.  I work in the IT field so anything related to technology fascinates me, even if i don’t understand it. Some people read, some people watch movies I play videos games. Video Games allow me to disconnect from the world and take a breath.  If I’m not working, or doing whatever my Wife says, or coaching my kids sports teams, I’m probably online gaming with my friends or kids.


I’m not your typical Disney Fan (like my wife and kids), in fact I don’t even like Disneyland.  I find the park loud, bright, crowded and expensive.  I can appreciate their effort, their expertise in the entertainment field, and their family centric attitude they infuse with everything they touch.  I truly believe they are the best at what they do.  But I haven’t been to a Disney Park in over 20 years and still do not have desire to go back.


My wife and two boys, on the other hand, are true Disney Fans.  They make multiple pilgrimages to their sacred land every year, catch all the new sermons in the theater, and would love to  plan a trip to the holiest of holy sites Disney World.



So what qualifies me to give tips on Disney Cruises?

I’m not.  I am no expert, I don’t have 30+ cruises with 5 different cruise lines under my belt (in fact I have only cruised on Disney Cruise Line), I’m not even in the travel industry or have a journalism degree. I’m just a guy with a keyboard that created a place to post up tips for Disney Cruise so my wife wont ask me every year “What was the pro tip we thought of last year” I’ll just say go to the webpage…

I have been on three Disney Cruises (7 night on the Disney Magic in 2000,  a 4 night on the Disney Magic in 2016, and a 6 night again on the Disney Magic), and as I am typing my wife is planning my fourth (that’s right we haven’t even finished planning her third and she’s booking her fourth…she’s one of “Those Disney Fan’s”) and fifth curises.  My Wife and I have turned into unofficial unpaid Disney Cruise Spokespeople.  We’re always telling people how much fun we had as a family and how relaxing they are. How you come back from vacation refreshed and ready to get back to work, not drained needing a vacation after your vacation. We’ve told so many people that now people are actually going on Disney Cruises and they have all kinds of questions for tips and advice. So instead of sending people on an internet search that spans 20 pages on Google, I would create a 21 page.  For the most part this be from the prospective of a Dad and to other Dad’s but I’m sure soon enough my Wife will hijax this soapbox and use it as her own… sorry fellas pick your battles.


So what’s going to be here?

Some text list, some pictures, heck maybe we’ll get crazy and through up a video or two.  If you have a question feel free to email me. But I make no promises on how fast I’ll respond, this is a hobby for me not a job.  I guess this would be a good place to put the I’m not paid by Disney or any travel agent stuff.